D&D Characters

Oaken Ashthorn, Elf/Genasi Druid Prince

Published April 26th 2022

Heir to the Redwood Throne. Guardian, Protector, and Prince of the Wood and Fey: Oaken Auraem Brocane Absol Elswyth Ashthorn. Son of King Daemerian and Queen Rina Ashthorn.

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Ezra Habhaïn, Human Ranger

Published February 20th 2022

Ezra was a Human Ranger played by my good friend Jaro in the Pathfinder campaign I dm for. The character sadly found her untimely demise, so this picture serves as a memento for her.

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Tarine, Wood Elf Druid

Published September 04th 2021

Ved, Tiefling Rogue

Published May 06th 2021